Latest Hairstyles for Ladies in Nigeria to Try this 2024 (Photos)

Hairstyles for Ladies: This article offers a few clear photos of outstanding, unique and trending 2024 hairstyles for every young girl to try.

Good hairstyles are among the vital beauty of every Lady. With a well-plaited hairstyle, no woman will not look attractive to sight because it helps increase the facial beauty or good look of every lady (both young and aged).

However, before making a particular hairstyle, there are basic things to consider and those include, the cost of such hair, availability of materials the hairstyle will need, also who can perfect the styles, and lastly, if the style will suit your facial look.

It is important to know that not all hairstyles are perfect for certain people, so may offer you a more displeasing appearance due to the shape of your hair or the colour of attachments which might not blend with your skin tone.

Without much waste of time, let’s take a look at the photos below which show some of the latest, unique and beautiful hairstyles any lady can rock this year.

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Latest Hairstyles for Ladies

Every lady is beautiful, but with a perfectly done hairstyle, she is more beautiful and adorable to sights. Below are the hair styles with their names, to help you identify them or call them out to your stylist whenever you want to make such hair.

1. C-Cut Hair Style 

C-Cut Hair Style 

One of the most popular hairstyles among young girls in Nigeria is the C-Cut style, known to come in various stylings, but must surely have a cut or bend that looks like the alphabet C.

This style of hair consumes a good quantity of attachments, and in some cases might consume more depending on the shape of the head, and also the styles offered by the stylist.

After making such hair, you can rock it for more than a month, and will still look good and adorable when given the proper hair care/maintenance.

2. Things Fall Apart Hairstyle

Things Fall Apart Hairstyle

Another most rocked hairstyle by young ladies in Nigeria is the Things Fall Apart style, and as seen in the photos, this hairstyle is unique, beautiful and can be slayed by both young and aged women.

Things Fall Apart Hairstyle

Although this hair consumes time in the making, it is worth every effort. Just ensure you get the right quantity of attachments, and the perfect colour because not everyone would like a black colour attachment.

Things Fall Apart Hairstyle

This style of hair can be styled not just in this style, but the above styles are the latest for any lady who enjoys outdoor events, as they will complement any good dress.

3. Shuku Style 

Shuku Style 

Shuku is a simple hairstyle that is rocked mostly by young little girls, but currently, many mature girls rock this hair in various styles. 

Shuku Style 

We have various types of shuku, like the 2 (two) shuku, 3 (three) shuku, shuku minus 2 (two) and many others. Just ensure you go for the one that will best suit your look and offer you the best appearance you seek.

4. All-Back Hair Style 

All-Back Hair Style 

An ever-trending and most plaited hairstyle in Nigeria is the All-Back style. This is not just the most rocking hairstyle, but also the simplest with less material consumption.

This hairstyle is all about starting from the front and taking everything to the back, just as the name sounds. One with such hair looks perfect for any event, and the style can be long or short, depending on your choice.

Furthermore, you can use any colour of attachment for such a hairstyle, but make sure the colour is something that will look good on you.  

5. Long Feather Hairstyle

Long Feather Hairstyle

Long Feather Hairstyle is another good, perfect and trending hairstyle for young ladies in Nigeria. This style of hair can be decorated with some beads to help offer more beauty to the lady.

However, when adding beads as a grown lady, ensure you carefully fix them, so your hair won’t look like that of young children because beads are mostly used on little children’s hairs.

6. Round Cut Style 

Round Cut Style 

Those who don’t have the strength to stay at a ladies’ saloon for hours, just to make hair, and those who can’t endure the pains that come from making hair, can just go for barbing styles like the round cut for ladies.

The majority of young and aged women are currently seen having their hair cut to lovely styles like this, and it offers a sweet and gorgeous look that is properly done and maintained.


We hope the above hairstyles offer you the various choices you need to make for your new hairstyle this year. Add more beauty to your look by rocking a unique hairstyle like the ones offered above, and you will surely enjoy it.

Ensure that the hairstylist is professional so she or he can offer you the best and perfect style of your choice. Feel free to ask questions using the comment section below, and our team will give a response.

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