Latest Material Styles for Ladies in Nigeria (Photos)

Material Styles For Ladies: Every young or aged woman seeking for outstanding and trending materials to sew a good outfit for outdoor activities, should take out time and check out the stunning styles to try out.

Material Styles For Ladies

The beauty of every woman also lies in the outfit she rocks, which makes it very important that every lady puts more interest into her fashion sense, and should always upgrade their wardrobes with the trending fashion styles as shown in this article.

So without much waste of time, let’s take a look at some trending material Styles for Ladies who love fashion to try out this year, and they will surely look outstanding when stepping out for events.

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Latest Material Styles for Ladies

1. Ankara Material Style

Ankara Material Style

Ankara is among the trending materials, mostly used to sew various sweet styles of outfits, and always perfect for outdoor events if properly sewn.

Every woman has an Ankara sewn dress, as it’s very affordable and can perfect other materials when properly sewn. You can decide to sew just an all-through Ankara dress, either a long gown or an Ankara top and trousers, Ankara skirt alone, which can be rocked with other plain shirt materials or tops.

Ankara Material Style

Furthermore, you can combine Ankara with other materials like lace and others, to help offer more beauty to your outfit. The beauty of your Ankara dress all depends on the sweet/unique style given by your stylist, so you can check this blog for more sweet styles to sew and look good when stepping out.

2. Asoebi Material Style

Asoebi Material Style 

Another good material style for Ladies in Nigeria or Africa is the Asoebi material style, known to be rocked among fashion-loving mothers who value fashion, and always want to look stunning when stepping out for special events.

Having a well-styled Asoebi will surely offer you the best look you seek when stepping out, and mostly this type of outfit will look more adorable when rocked with styled gentle, classy heels and a handbag.

Asoebi Material Style

Ensure that the material colour you choose is perfect for your skin tone, and if it’s a multi-coloured material, also make sure that the combinations are great. You can also combine your asoebi with lace, to offer a more unique look.

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3. Lace Material Style

Lace Material Style

Lace material is another mature and best material for women of any class. Lace has various styles you can sew it to, and also can be combined with other materials when sewing.

Ensure that your lace has a well-styled Gele which you can rock both for special events, and you will surely look wowing to sights when stepping out.

Lace materials come in various matured colours like white, black, green, red, brown and others. Just make sure that the colour you go for, will perfect your skin tone, so you will be pleasing to sights when stepping out.

4. Vintage Material Style

Vintage Material Style

Vintage is a popular and simple material rocked by both men and women and can be styled in various ways. This material comes in various colours, including designs and mixed colours like some examples seen here.

Vintage Material Style

Sewing and styling offered to a vintage Material will make you stand out and unique among others. And another good part of the vintage material is that it’s affordable in most Nigerian markets, and also can easily be rocked as corporate wear, or party simple wear.

Vintage Material Style

Rocking a vintage wear with heels is good, flat shoes are also great or even sneakers can do well, depending on the style of dress sewn with the vintage material. Take your time to check out more vintage materials, styles and others to try out for your outings.

5. Suit Material Style

Suit Material Style

When you have more official events, you can choose to have more of the suit material sewn into your wardrobe, as we have numerous styles to try out with such material, starting from tops and trousers with sneakers, tops with skirts and others.

Suit Material Style

Ensure to go for colours that will look good on you, then consider the hairstyles you make when rocking such a dress, as your hair will not need to be covered with such outfits, so the best kind of hairstyle will complement/perfect your look the most.

6. Plain Material Style 

Plain Material Style

Plain Materials are known to have one colour with no designs or stylings. Most times plain Materials are not perfect for some kind of skin tone if the colour doesn’t not suit you.

A dark-skinned lady can’t rock an all-black plain material dress without a touch of another colour that will help, which makes them all black not a perfect option for a dark-skinned lady. So always consider your skin colour when picking plain Materials for styling.


The above listed are the best and latest material Styles for Ladies who value fashion, but you need to ensure that the choice of dress material will perfect your look, and also you have other fashion accessories to help perfect your look.

Every fashionista would know that the above styles are among the trending with uniqueness. Just ensure you have a good stylist for the perfect job, and you are good to go.

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